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Autism confusion

August 14, 2008

To the editor:

Since I've actually had autistic students recently in my English classroom at Bonner Springs High School, in USD 204, I was a little surprised at the letter in the Chieftain (July 31) chiding us for sending our autistic students to Kansas City.

When these students have been in my classroom, I've had excellent help from our special education staff in the building, a staff which is part of the co-op we share with Kansas City, Kan.

I wonder if this is where the confusion lies: Our special education teachers are paid through USD 500, Kansas City, Kan. However, they work with special needs students right here at the high school.

Definitely, autistic students here at the high school are "in residence" right here at Bonner Springs High School, where we strive to give them all benefits offered to all our students, benefits which will help them lead a productive, post-high-school life.

Chris Wood

Bonner Springs


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