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AG advises college students to protect financial future

August 21, 2008

The state's top cop is warning college students to protect themselves from credit card companies, scammers and even their own roommates.

Attorney General Steve Six said college students often are targeted by scammers and companies trying to make a buck.

Classes don't start until Thursday, but students at Kansas University are already being bombarded with all kinds of offers.

"I just get a lot of mail and phone calls from people who just want me to buy their credit cards," said Spencer Brown, a KU freshman.

"I've gotten a lot of phone calls, too," said Max Ayalla, KU junior. "It's kind of hard, because you really don't know what you're getting yourself into."

"Every offer comes with a catch," said Mike Sapenoff, KU sophomore. "There's no such thing as a free lunch."

While some students have figured out the pitfalls, Six said students needed to be careful not to be tempted by sweet deals without understanding what was involved.

College students are also the target of scam artists and identity thieves, Six said. He's urging them to minimize the amount of personal bank information they carry with them.

Plus, Six said students living in group environments, like dorms, are also at risk and need to protect their personal information at home. Passwords should be kept private, Six said, and information should be shredded before it's thrown away.

"I don't worry about people getting into my stuff," said Stephanie Jones, KU freshman. "I keep it pretty secure, with locks and with passwords that aren't simple to figure out."

Six said he hoped college students would take steps to protect their financial future.


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