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Christmas season provides poetry fodder

December 10, 2008

Many know Charles Osgood as the host of “CBS Sunday Morning,” the network’s light-hearted magazine show.

For me, however, he’ll always be the poet laureate of the radio. Since the early 1970s he’s been setting some of the news of the day to rhyme. He still does it, I believe, once in a while.

Having been smitten with Osgood’s whimsical verse for more than 30 years, since I started writing this column last February the idea of a column in verse has lain fallow, sort of, at the back of my mind. And when would that be more appropriate than in the Christmas season, that most special time?

With apologies in advance to all serious poets, here goes:

Christmas cheer is finally here.

It’s come again at last.

To brighten up our days and nights,

and save us from the wintry blast.

I think that I shall never see

any but a lovely Christmas tree.

Nor find a man with heart so wretched

not be moved by the tale of Bob Cratchit.

It’s time to deck the halls and join the chorus

of all who relish this season glorious.

To hang the stockings and trim the tree,

and send cards to friends and family.

It’s time for all of us to get hopping,

and finish up our holiday shopping.

A book for Alex, a doll for Daisy;

doesn’t this running just drive you crazy?

For the pleasure of the yuletide throngs,

what better than a medley of Christmas songs?

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,

Santa’s makin’ a list and checkin’ it twice.

And then at night on the telly,

“It’s a Wonderful Life” or “The Christmas Story.”

Or “Miracle on 34th Street” or “The Polar Express”

add to the season’s wonderfulness.

If you want to go out, there’s plenty of choices,

There’s “The Nutcracker” you could sample.

Or maybe “A Christmas Carol”

would be a better example.

And each year Hollywood gets in on the act

With new celluloid fables

To add to the stories of Santa and his elves

And heartwarming tales to fill up our shelves.

Come Christmas Eve we’ll settle down,

We’ll settle down in our favorite chair.

Making sure not to forget

cookies and milk for Santa will soon be there.

Then the day comes, and the shopping’s all done

and all the family’s coming to dinner.

With turkey and dressing and all of the trimmings,

plus cakes and pies, it’s surely a winner.

And remember, too, the holiday’s true meaning,

a tale told from long, long ago.

Of a baby born in a manger

because there was no room at the inn.

For Christmas comes but once a year,

And what a wonderful time it has been.

For soon it’ll be over and we will all wonder

Whatever will we do till it comes round again.


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