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Council hears students’ recycling report

December 11, 2008

Students at Kansas City Kansas Community College are getting Basehor residents thinking about recycling.

Students Cheyenne Pike, Michael Kelling, Jeremy Thomas and Mary Katherine Swabb presented their findings from a recent survey on curbside recycling to the Basehor City Council members during a Monday evening council work session.

As part of their Greening Society Learning Community class, the students went to six different areas of the community to conduct a door-to-door survey consisting of five questions that determined residents’ feelings about curbside recycling. Residents who were not interested in recycling were asked an additional question to determine if the cause was related to time or money.

The students collected information from 192 personal surveys and 183 mail-in surveys. They concluded that 66 percent of Basehor residents were in favor of instituting curbside recycling at a fee of $3 per month. Of those not in favor of recycling, 42 percent stated the monthly fee was too high, 9 percent said recycling was too time consuming, 10 percent were not interested in recycling at all and 39 percent listed various other reasons or left the question unanswered.

Also involved in the study were student research associates Chaz Kantola and David Valles, along with faculty advisors Steve Collins and Elizabeth Kasckow.

At a future meeting, the council will consider adding curbside recycling as part of the service provided by Deffenbaugh Industries.

Also during the work session, council members:

• Discussed current procedures for business licensing. City policy requires all who conduct business in the city to secure a business license for $50 per year. Some people conducting business in Basehor are concerned the policy is difficult to enforce and that many people are not obtaining the required license. Council plans to have the city attorney review the policy to determine its level of enforceability.

• Reviewed a policy regarding neighborhood revitalization. Council members plan to include guidelines for who is eligible to receive incentives and what type of incentives should be offered based on community investment. Presently, the city offers property tax rebates to all businesses without regard to the number of jobs, investment or cost to the city.


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