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Watchdog files for City Council

December 24, 2008

With the Jan. 27 file deadline quickly approaching, Basehor resident Dennis Mertz is eager to become a member of the city council. Mertz filed a declaration of intent on Dec. 15 to be a candidate in the 2009 city council election.

“I’ve thought about running for a while, and several people in town have asked me to run,” Mertz said. “I feel like this is the right year to do it.”

Mertz, 34, grew up in Turner and has lived in Basehor since 1997. He has been a partner at JED Installation, 2722 N. 155th St, for more than 10 years. JED is a multistate contracting company that installs cabinetry for schools and laboratories.

For the past five years, Mertz said, he has been a regular attendee at Basehor City Council meetings. He said his familiarity with the city and his up-to-date knowledge of the issues before council made him a qualified candidate for the position.

“I know about the current issues, and I’m more familiar with the past issues than most citizens,” Mertz said. “It’s important to me to go to meetings regularly, do research, ask questions and be informed.”

If he should be elected to city council, Mertz said it was his goal to get everyone to work together and find workable solutions to budget problems.

“I would really like to bring some continuity to the town,” he said. “I’d like to see more people at the meetings, more people involved, and I’m very concerned that city spending is getting out of hand.”

Above all else, Mertz said he wanted to become a council member to look out for the best interests of all the people of Basehor.

“There are a lot of good people, good families in this city, and I want to make sure that decisions are made that enable all our folks to live their lives just a little bit better.”


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