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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2008

It’s here already, and I haven’t gotten over last Christmas yet. Time is going so fast and I think part of the problem is that time is going faster and I am going slower. However, it comes and goes in spite of whether we are ready or not.

It is always nice to have a white Christmas and this year is no exception. I am looking forward to another 16- or 17-inch snowfall so I can build another 9-foot high snowman in the front yard. The last time I did that our two oldest boys were 3 and 4, and it is so hard to believe that they are now 56 and 57. They could help now without using a big ladder.

If we do get a big snow, how about everyone in the neighborhood building snow sculptures. You can start by doing something small. Start out with filling a big trash can with snow and packing it as tight as possible. Turn it over and make a snow sculpture. Get the kids involved, make it a family project. Some of the equipment would be things you have on hand such as large and small shovels, spoons or other sharp instruments to carve out the details. You need spray bottles of water too. Start with an idea of what you want to create and use the amount of snow accordingly. You can roll up large snowballs and pack together until you get the size you want, and go from there. It would be fun to have a neighborhood contest.

Getting back to the holidays, we are lucky enough to be having our whole family at our house Christmas night. Many years ago we learned that we have to share time due to the extended families of our married kids and just have our party at a time that works out for everyone. All of our four children and their families live close by except for one grand daughter, who will be here with her husband and almost 2-year-old coming from Milwaukee.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy and Healthy New Year, and lots of snow.


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