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Peterson deserves both credit, blame for Chiefs tenure

December 31, 2008

Well I have lived to see the best of the Kansas City Chiefs and, last Sunday, listened to the worst of the Kansas City Chiefs when they set an all-time record for loses.

Many of the sports talk show hosts got their wish when Carl Peterson resigned as the team’s president and general manager. I was not one on the crusade to fire Carl, but I do believe the decision by owner Clark Hunt was the best for the Chiefs.

Peterson in his last few years was once called a “stupid idiot” by one talk show host, but I can assure you Peterson is neither stupid nor an idiot. Many have disagreed with some of his deals, but we must remember, when former owner Lamar Hunt hired Peterson, his goal wasn’t to win the Super Bowl but to fill the stands. He successfully accomplished that goal.

After suffering the worst season ever and with the not-so-great resume of coach Herm Edwards, I would definitely say Edwards’ job is on the line. It appears Hunt is waiting to fill the GM position first and let the new man play a big part in hiring a coach if that’s the route he chooses to pursue. The pickings are getting slimmer and slimmer, as three more coaches lost their jobs after last week’s games. A large number of fans are hoping the Chiefs bring Bill Cowher back to Kansas City again, but if this happens, Hunt will have to dig deep in his pockets, because Cowher will not come cheap.

In a recent press conference, Edwards stated the team was 85 percent ready to go, but this was hard to believe. If so, the other 15 percent of players should be the caliber of John Elway, Marcus Allen, Derrick Thomas or Bobby Bell, just to name a few. The draft in April will be very interesting and will depend a lot on decisions by the new GM. If Coach Edwards is retained, I believe many fans and season-ticket holders will create quite a fuss. Personally, I think he should be replaced because he is better known as a loser. In fact I believe, because the Chiefs are heading for the youth movement, the new GM should clean house with the entire coaching staff. That includes defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham. He was brought aboard as one of the better defensive minds in football along with Edwards, and that hasn’t worked out.

With all the firing of coaches, the field is going to be narrowed down, so the Chiefs need to act soon.

I never got the opportunity in my last column to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and I hope everyone had as enjoyable a time as my family and I had. I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year in 2009. The year 2008 for me was great with the basketball gods being good and bringing the Kansas Jayhawks the national championship. Right now the ‘Hawks are struggling a little, but please be patient with coach Bill Self, who is well known for getting his team on track. With conference play coming up, I won’t say this Jayhawk team is national championship caliber, but you can well be assured Self will have them ready for March Madness.


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