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BLMS teams win pair of games

February 13, 2008

Winning must be contagious the Basehor-Linwood schools.

The school's middle teams can't seem to stop winning in what may be a tribute to the school's varsity teams that are enjoying success this season.

BLMS eighth-grade basketball teams picked up wins over Tonganoxie on Monday.

Brady Hooks led the junior varsity team with eight points and Ryan Shaffer scored seven in a 49-19 victory.

The Bobcats other scorers were Marcus Box, 2; Neal Dickinson, 2; Jacob Clopton, 2; Spencer Himpel, 3; Beau Barger, 6; Tyler Ogden, 4; Steven Coy, 4; Josh King, 2; Nick Davis, 2.

In the varsity game, Basehor-Linwood won 56-20.Skylar Barnes led the team with 16 points.

The Bobcats other double-digit scorer in the game were Ryan Murphy who finished with 11 points and Colin Murphy, seven.

A trio of players scored four points: Russ Clark, Skylar Ross and Dalton Mellies.

Jesse Hiss scored three points and Kyle Cole scored two points.

Earlier in the week, Basehor-Linwood eighth grade varsity team defeated Mill Creek 48-20.

Colin Murphy led the team with 14 points.

Ryan Murphy scored 12 points and Barnes finished the game with 11. Brad Waterman and Dalton Mellies each scored four points. Skylar Ross scored two points and Kyle Cole finished with one point.

In junior varsity play, the team defeated Mill Creek 43-17. The Bobcats used a balanced scoring attack to win the game.

Davis and Coy led the team with eight points each. Clopton scored seven points. Himpel and Barger scored four points. Ogden finished with three points.

Seventh grade play

Basehor-Linwood Middle School teams defeated Tonganoxie in a pair of games Monday.

The varsity team won its game 42-12 with a relatively balanced scoring attack.

Ben Johnson scored 11 points and nearly matched Tonganoxie's point total.

Aaron Williams and Tanner Garver each scored four points.

The Bobcats other scorers were Alec Otting, 5; Caleb Hiss, 4; Sammy Seaton, 2; Gage Zumbrunn, 2; Paul Rehm, 2; Drew Potter.

The Basehor-Linwood seventh grade boys basketball team defeated Mill Creek 49-31 last week.

Tanner Garver led the team with 14 points and was the team's only scorer to finish in double figures. Ben Johnson scored nine points and Aaron Williams scored eight.

The Bobcats other scorers were Zach Hevel, four; Caleb Hiss, three; Paul Rehm, three.

In junior varsity action, the Bobcats defeated Mill Creek 39-26.

Gage Zumbrunn made four shots from three-point range and finished with 16 points.

Sammy Seaton scored nine points and Seager Smith finished the game with five points.

The team had four players with two points: Zach Joyce, Jared Kenton, Trey Kincheloe and Tyler Harrison. Lane Young scored one point.


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