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Everyone should have voted

February 13, 2008

To the Editor:

This past month the city of Bonner Sprinigs passed a storm water fee to the people of Bonner Springs. The city council, which represents the people, is there to represent us.

I would like to ask the people of Bonner Springs how many people were asked by their council members about this. I know I was never asked about what I thought. How many council members went door to door and asked the people of their district how they felt before they forced the $2.50 tax on us. This should have been a citywide vote. I for one am not vary happy with my council man, as other people should be asking their council men also.

(City Manager John) Helin said that cost of living adjustments should cover the cost to senior citizens. OK, but what about the people who do not receive cost of living expenses. I do not receive any.

Maybe the city manager is making too much money, and if he is getting cost of living adjustments maybe this should stop. The $90,330 dollars a year would go a long way in geting more policemen in the city. And if you don't think we need one ask some of the people on my street what is important, water or safety. Tell her she has to pay for water runoff but no more police, after waking up in the middle of the night with someone in her house. Come to our street and find where eggs have been thrown all over the houses and cars, young kids walking around at 2 and 3 a.m. in the morning. I went to the police just last week about my cars being broken into three times in the last month. The police told me they would try to come around more often. They did, for about 2 days.

I know the police have better things to do than just sit around my house, but if you take the $2.50 per house, we could get another officer.

I am from Ward III and I see my council man will be up for re-election in 2009. Believe me, I think I will run for his seat and I will go door to door to see how my people want me to vote.

Forrest Green

Bonner Springs


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