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Fond memories abound from working at Sacred Heart School

February 13, 2008

The City of Bonner Springs has started dismantling and tearing down the old Sacred Heart School as they are making preparations to begin construction of the City Library which will be on the Southeast corner where the old rectory was located.

The area where the old school now stands will be used as a parking lot. The old Sacred Heart School has left me with many fond memories.

A reminder of the fond memories comes when I run into a former player I coached, Amy Smith.

Amy is one of my long time favorites and in her two seasons at Sacred Heart she played on 11-0 teams both seasons.

Amy continued her education at Bonner Springs High School where she joined two other Sacred Heart classmates, Kathy Bates and Kristi Finley, as members of the Bonner Springs High School 1984 State Championship team.

The team also included two more players I coached at Sacred Heart, Kerri Jennings, and Jean Mills.

In her second year on an undefeated team at Sacred Heart, there was a very close game to keep their perfect record in tact. The game took place at Savior of the World.

Sacred Heart entered the season with only six players and on a scheduled Saturday game one player was already off with illness and then Shania Fisher called me on the morning of the game stating she was ill and couldn't play.

I told her, "Shania you have to show up as you are the fifth player we need to start."

On arriving at the gym I checked with the referees asking if we could play with five players and was informed we had to have five players to start.

I told Shania to sit on the floor right in front of our bench and don't do anything. We ended up winning the game keeping our record in tact.

The three players Amy, Kathy, and Kristi enrolled at Bonner Springs High School joining Kerri and Jean Mills on the championship team.

The six player syndrome came up again as high school volleyball coach, Shirley Vaughn, played her starting six players in every game of every match. I don't know if this was any kind of record but not often in volley ball do six players play in every game at the State and playoff games.

Last Saturday in meeting Amy at a local restaurant I heard someone yell Grandpa. All the players on that Sacred Heart team in the eight grade all call me Grandpa. I could now qualify as their Grandpa since they all have children of their own. One of the concerns Amy always had was thinking she was too tall.

I asked her one day why she was concerns with being too tall and she replied , "All the boys are shorter."

I told her to forget about boys since she had years to go where she would find a husband. Amy was always a consistent player.

It's going to be a sad day when the old school is demolished and will join our old church in a landfill somewhere.

Being the Athletic Director at Sacred Heart from the day the doors opened and until the day they were closed is why I have fond memories of the old school.


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