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A labor of love

Thanks to all our volunteers

February 13, 2008

At every hand in this community, as in many others, one finds much evidence of the volunteer spirit that makes small places so liveable.

There are so many, it's impossible to name them all. But know that their efforts add so much to our community.

In fact, to properly appreciate our volunteers, just think what life would be like without them:

Going to church would be a pretty sterile undertaking, with no church suppers, no Sunday schools, no altar societies or women's circles, none of the other activities that enrich the religious experience. There'd be no organists, no pianists, no choirs. You'd even have to seat yourself - no ushers.

What about our children? There would be no Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts to give them those opportunities for fellowship and for that special training and experience. Summers would be intolerable: no summer softball or baseball leagues, no summer recreation programs. And in the schools? No room mothers, no PTA, no chili feeds. How dismal.

And in our community as well - there'd be no Tiblow Days, no Halloween Parade, no Christmas Parade, no Fourth of July celebration, no summer band concerts, and so on. (Egad! No ice cream socials!) All of those events, and others like them, rely on hundreds, even thousands, of person-hours of volunteer labor.

If you wanted to check out a book at the City Library, you might have to wait awhile - assuming you could find the book you wanted in the first place. The library makes extensive use of volunteers to manage its collections.

If circumstances found you in the hospital, there'd be no cheery auxiliary ladies (or gentlemen), no bright candy-stripers, to ease your pains.

Now, of course, we'd still have all the professionals - the ministers, the paid recreation or library staff, the teachers and school administrators, the doctors and nurses and other hospital staff - to see that the basic minimum was done. The minimum.

The point is that, no matter where you turn, you find that many of the activities, programs and services - the extras - that make life better than just tolerable rely heavily on the contribution of volunteers.

Our volunteers, by definition, are amateurs - amateurs in the finest and highest sense of the word, those who do what they do out of love - love for the church, for children, love for the sport, love for their fellow man.

So, thanks to them all, to all the volunteers whose countless acts of love enrich our lives.


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