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Seaton wins KVL after battling flu

February 13, 2008

Caleb Seaton had been sick all week.

He had the flu and was running a fever on Friday.

It was a 50/50 proposition as to whether the 103-pounder from Bonner Springs High School would even be allowed to wrestle on Saturday at Lansing High.

Seaton, though, is a glass half full type of athlete and the freshman, with his 31-2 record, wanted to see how well he could perform in Kaw Valley League tournament.

The answer was at a championship level.

He won the championship match in thrilling fashion.

"I just kept pushing it," he said. "I didn't give up in the match."

The performance earned the admiration of other coaches.

"Caleb really gutted it out in finals," Basehor-Linwood coach Scott Neil said.

Bonner Springs coach Dan Burns said his freshman wrestler was an inspiration of the mats.

"He did really well and showed a lot of character," Burns said. "He found something from within that allowed him to overcome a deficit. In the end, he had the heart to get it done. It makes you feel good to see that. Everybody gets sick, but he made the decision and apparently knew he could get it done."

Seaton said it phenomenal to win the Kaw Valley League title.

"It feels pretty good," he said. "My brother won it one time and I wanted to win it."

He said the finals match was a constant struggle.

"I just kept pushing it," he said. "I didn't give up in the match."

With the tournament victories, Seaton improved his record to 31-2 on the season.

The tournament was smaller than some of the others that Bonner Springs had entered, but more important because it was the league tournament.

"It is a week before regionals and feels more important than the bigger tournaments," Seaton said.

He would like to go on and win regionals and then follow that performance up with a solid showing at state.

"I would like to go down there and win it," he said.

Seaton has been the team's most consistent wrestler this season. He has the best opportunity to qualify for the state tournament.

For other wrestlers it is debatable how well they will perform in the regional tournament.

"It is hard telling what will show up," Burns said. "It depends on what our team decides they want to do between now and then. At this time of the year you either find a way to do it or you don't. You don't get to the end until it is the end. People that look forward the end don't end very well."

The regional tournament can be test for younger wrestlers as to what directions there team will go.

"It is a test of character and depends on the kind of person you are," Burns said. "You committed to something from the start to the end and can't quit until it is finished."

One wrestler who appears to have answered the call is Colin Stirling.

He wrestled on junior varsity throughout the season before being bumped up to varsity later in the year. On junior varsity he placed fourth in a meet.

He placed fourth in the Kaw Valley League wrestling tournament and was shocked by the accomplishment.

"It is a feeling I don't know how to describe," he said. "I never thought I would take top four on a varsity tournament. I was just thinking that I would try to wrestle smart and my hardest. If I did a good job then I would not have to hang my head about anything."

Stirling said he hopes to qualify for the Class 5A State wrestling tournament.

"It would be very nice to qualify, but we have to see what the competition brings," he said.

Tanner McCleary also placed fourth in the tournament. He lost to Leo Beck of Mill Valley in the third-place match.


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