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Government officials should avoid MLB’s steroid scandal

February 20, 2008

Well I guess all the readers have heard all they want regarding the Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds saga but I would like to put in my two cents.

I cannot believe that sports have created such a fiasco.

First of all, senators and congressmen should not get involved in professional sports. They have their hands full with legislative concerns like getting the price of gasoline down, wages up, and to me getting our kids out of Iraq should get a priority over professional sports.

The government has the wrong persons in Clemens and Bonds.

Don Fehr, who represents the players' union, and Bud Selig, the commissioner of baseball, are the two people they should go after. The steroid issue should have been tackled 20 years ago and not waited for senators and congressmen to get involved.

I have never been fond of the baseball commissioner for the way he handled the Pete Rose case.

If Clemens and Bonds make it into the Hall of Fame, surely they would concentrate on Pete Rose's suspension.

The drug issue should take precedent over gambling.

Pete Rose has the numbers of a player that should be in the Hall of Fame.

Selig told Rose the only way he would lift his suspension for life is by apologizing to the baseball commissioner.

Rose replied, what am I suppose to apologize for? Rose said, am I suppose to apologize for not being a dope head?

Major-league baseball and the National Football League should clean up their act.

Back as far as the 1970s, about everyone and their brother were aware of steroids.

To begin with, to the best of my knowledge, Clemens and Bonds have never tested positive. In my opinion their involvement should be handled in house. These players have more or less been singled out by the committee investigating the use of steroids.

The Mitchell Report has a list about 100 players, and it seems that more should be investigated. The worse part of this situation has alleged that steroids have been used by high school players. I don't put much credence in this investigation of such statements as he said, or she said.

In no way would I ever condone the use of steroids or drugs in sports at any level. The one thing that is baffling is if steroids would bulk you up such as Clemens and Bonds, why aren't there more superstars?

It is time to give professional sports back to their respective sports and lets not get senators and congressmen involved. Perhaps the players' union should be blamed for the lack of testing. The way I understand it, baseball does not have rules banning the use of steroids or drugs. Again, I say put the blame where it belongs, on the shoulders of Selig and Fehr.

One caller on a sports radio talk show made a pretty good suggestion.

The caller stated everyone that played major league baseball during the steroid era should have an asterisk put by their name in the record books.

It's going to be interesting to see how this committee rules on the situation. To me they should all be treated the same.

The sad part of the steroid use is that it will filter down at the high school level, and there have been alleged reports that is has already happened.


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