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Time for leadership on CR 1 funding

February 21, 2008

It's unfortunate the city of Tonganoxie and Leavenworth County officials are acting more like grade-schoolers than community leaders when it comes to figuring out a way to become partners in improving County Road 1.

On the one hand, you have county commissioners sitting in Leavenworth wondering what's happened to Tonganoxie's onetime pledge for money to help pay for the upgrades to County Road 1. The road will be the gateway into Tonganoxie from the new Leavenworth County interchange on the Kansas Turnpike.

On the other hand, you have Tonganoxie officials saying they're willing to ante up on the project but can't because they've not officially been approached by the county about helping fund the multimillion dollars in improvements.

Forget transportation and telecommunications advances of the past thousand years; it's as if we're living in the middle ages, when travel was dangerous and communication was done via letters sealed with wax and delivered by a galloping courier.

If county commissioners have questions about Tonganoxie's commitment to the project, they're certainly able to pick up a telephone and call, come to Tonganoxie or invite council members to Leavenworth to discuss the issue.

Likewise, if Tonganoxie City Council members want to have a say in the development of the area - much of which eventually may end up annexed into the city - they can and should be willing to revisit previous discussions about their financial commitment and make the pledge official.

If the county and city decide they don't want to work together - which certainly is their prerogative - they should drop the theatrical antics and plow ahead on their own. It's not exactly the leadership you'd expect from elected officials in a project as big and as important to the future of Tonganoxie and Leavenworth County. But at least there wouldn't be any more time wasted pointing fingers and wagging tongues.


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