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Wife’s rules a blessing in life

February 27, 2008

During my 63 years of marriage to my wife, who is the wiser one of the two of us, has consistently reminded me two rules in life.

No. 1. Is not to sweat the small stuff.

No. 2. It's only a game.

I often thought that if I would have taken her advice on these two rules my blood pressure would be lower today, and not sweating the little things makes sense.

If more people would adhere to this rule, there would be fewer senseless killings and instances of bodily harm.

The first thing a person does when a minor incident happens is, they probably blow their top. However, when the situation is over they realize how stupid it all was.

The rule, "it's only a game," makes a lot of sense. How many times has a spectator or a parent gone bonkers at a game? Being a coach for many years, it sometimes was hard for me to admit that it's only a game.

Several years ago while I was the director of the Bonner Springs and Edwardsville summer ball programs we had an incident with some parents getting out of control. At the end of the season, we had tournaments for boys and girls of various age divisions, and some of the tournaments were played in Edwardsville.

I sent the T-ball tournament down to the Edwardsville director, Julian Espinoza. At the conclusion of the tournament, I got a phone call from Espinoza. He said the parents had taken the game too seriously.

The thing with T-ball games, many of the parents' kids are playing in their first year of organized ball with some believing their kids are going to end up in professional baseball. Fans get carried away and will normally take it out on the umpires.

The following year, prior to the start of the season, we had a coaches' meeting and put a new rule in T-ball competition where we didn't keep score. We would line up all the players and they would all get a chance to hit, which was the part of the game they liked best.

At first, some parents were unhappy with the rule, but as the summer went on they agreed it was for the best.

Most of these 5 and 6-year-old children playing the game really don't know if they won or lost. Despite the rule, some parents still kept score. Yet, taking a less serious approach made the game better.

Applying the "its only a game" rule is tougher when you are a fan.

I missed seeing or listening to a University of Kansas basketball game on Saturday because I was grocery shopping. This was the first game I have missed in many years.

When my sons told me how awful the Jayhawks had played in losing at Oklahoma State, I managed to take the loss in stride. It wasn't that hard to do because it was only a game.

The loss definitely hurt the Jayhawks season, but the season is far from over.

Kansas is in a position where it needs to control its own destiny. I am sure coach Bill Self will have the Jayhawks ready to play on Saturday against Kansas State. The game coming will be very big for KU's Big 12 title hopes. In the Big 12, no game is an automatic win. I think Kansas will prevail and defeat the Wildcats at home, but I am a little concerned about Iowa State and Texas A&M.

I never thought I would see the day, when referring to a basketball game, that it's only a game.

But, I am trying to do that this season.


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