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Chiefs season warrants answers

January 2, 2008

Kansas City Chiefs fans deserve to hear from Clark Hunt on the state of the franchise.

It is Jan. 3, 2008 and fans have just watched their beloved franchise go 4-12.

They watched Arrowhead Stadium go from the loudest stadium in the NFL to a half-empty bowl in the second half of games.

TV ratings dwindled.

Tickets became less than a commodity.

Fans grew tired of giving the Hunt family too much money to park their cars. They tired of buying tickets to cheer on mediocre football year after year. They want change or at least answers.

It is time to hear from Clark Hunt.

A team cannot go 4-12 with a general manager in his 19th year and not have more answers from its owner.

It was sickening the other day when Carl Peterson announced that he was coming back for the 2008 season and Herm Edwards was returning as the head coach. Are there no checks and balances?

Does Peterson really get to decide whether he stays or go? Why not just call him the owner.

Sure, on New Years Day, the team's offensive coaches fell on the sword and were fired by coach Herm Edwards.

They took the blame for the team not scoring.

I guess someone had to go. However, there is only so much offensive coaches can do. I am not sure why Charlie Joiner was fired after Dwayne Bowe had 995 yards in his rookie season.

I am also unsure how Dick Curl got to keep his job when Brody Croyle didn't seem to improve much throughout the season.

I am also not sure how this group of fired coaches suddenly became so awful after being part of a staff that led the NFL in offense for years. No, coaches are only as good as their players.

Most offensive coaches don't get to pick the players. Peterson and his staff pick the players, but they are safe.

It just seems like a system of random accountability, which isn't really how championship teams are built.

This offseason is critical for the franchise. In its current form, I am not sure why anyone would really want to buy a ticket to watch this team play next year.

How are Chiefs fans going to continue to have faith in this team with Peterson running the show?

Sure, they could get excited about the rebuilding effort, but they know that with the same-old establishment in place, there is just not a lot of reason to believe this team will win a Super Bowl anytime soon.

If you took Peterson out of the equation, then fans could get a lot more excited.

The Chiefs would have a fresh face who isn't on year 19 of a five-year plan.

They wouldn't have to worry about another Peterson negotiation with a top draft pick.

That is the frustrating part, we all understand Peterson's flaws. We have all been through this before. When you have had one person in control for 19 years, there are no surprises.

The franchise needs a fresh face. Or at least its fans need to hear from its owner. Clark Hunt is the new face in the equation and we need to hear from him.

Peterson's message is just too stale.


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