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Bobcat Classic tourney featured top wrestlers

January 16, 2008

The Basehor-Linwood Bobcat Classic Wrestling tournament was bigger than last weekend as the field expanded from 27 to 30 teams.

Following last season, more teams wanted to enter what is regarded as an in-season showcase of top wrestlers from around the state of Kansas.

Goddard won the tournament and Andale finished in second place. Garden City placed third and Shawnee Mission East finished in fourth place.

The tournament seemed to run smoothly with wrestlers who have state experience competing in every weight class.

"I was very pleased," Basehor-Linwood athletic director Joe Keeler said. "It was an extremely competitive field. I was very happy with the sportsmanship from all the teams. It went off smoothly. That is a testament to the help and people that help us run the tournament."

A computer glitch forced the tournament to get started about 45 minutes late on Friday, but wrestling action still concluded ahead of schedule.

Basehor-Linwood opened up a second gym for wrestling action, which meant the tournament could run faster with more matches and action.

The first day of competition ended about 10 p.m., which was faster than the 11:30 p.m. finishes in previous years.

The meet could not have gone as smooth without the volunteers who gave their time to the tournament.

The tournament featured numerous volunteers working from ticket takers to those selling merchandise. Fliers at the tournament told people where they could eat in Basehor-Linwood.

There was a concession stand and a hospitality room.

The volunteers also include former wrestlers and cheerleaders who returned to Basehor to help with the tournament they used to participate in.

Each year these former students return to help run the computer system and help with the tournament.

"We are glad to have them," coach Scott Neil said. "They did a good job when they were here and its nice when they come back."

Pictures of wrestlers were shown on display during the tournament.

Then, it was time for the champions to be introduced. The finals round started with a smoke and light introduction as each of the wrestlers were introduced to the crowd.

"I hope it is something that is very exciting to the fans and wrestlers," Keeler said. "It sets the tone for finals and highly competitive matches. I also want to showcase wrestlers who have made it to finals. It is a tough tournament and they have worked hard. They need to be highlighted as much as possible."

Above all else, though, the competition that brought teams and fans to the tournament.

"We have had it for eight years," Keeler said. "They all come back."

Neil said the tournament plans to get even bigger next season as two more teams join the field.

While it is a busy weekend of competition, the school is proud to host it.

"We are glad to see it get here and stuff," Neil said. "When it is over, we can take a breath and stuff, enjoy things for a while. It is not a burden, just work and we enjoy it."

op Eight finishers in each weight class



1. Issac Ruiz JC (wdec 5-3) over Darin Stroot AND

3. Caleb Seaton BS (wdec 4-3) over Michael Provencher Rossvill

5. Dawson Elliot G ( WBF 4:46) over Cody Salzman E

7. Tyler Crotinger SFT (WBF 1:46) over Austin Haake PITT


1. Alan Callahan (wdec 9-3) over Colton Eck AND

3. Symon Seaton BL (WBF 1:46) over Kevin Taylor SL

5. Colt McElroy GC (wdec 4-1) over Logan Rotha G

7. Jason Seifert ON ( W- MajDec 19-5) over Hunter Garrett SEA


1. Sharky Slyter PA ( wdec 6-2) over Collin Hase SL

3. Derrick Weller P ( wdec 7-3) over Ryne Cokeley SJA

5. Nick Rockhold B (w-dec) over Parker Madl BV

7. Tyler Maxwell GLEN (wdec 9-2) over Josh Neal ON


1. Trent Cox AND (wdec 11-2) over Connor McCarthy STA

3. Brett Lamar Sl (wdec 11-4) over Lane Greenlee GC

5. RJ Riedel T (wbf 1:34) over Spencer Blew L

7. David Schrunk SME (wdec 11-6) over Mitch Mosely PA


1. Kevin Callahan B (wdec 9-4) over Jake Zahm PIT

3. Jaime Quintanar GC ( Wdec 6-2) over JT Kozlowski JC

5. Kyle Wichman SL ( WBF 2:52) over Dustin Hill SFT

7. Dillon Scanlon L ( Wdec 13-9) over Ethan Young SMW


1. C.J. Napier COL ( wdec 7-4) over Mitch Means G

3. Daniel Gonzalez (wdec 8-2) over Matt Noblet PA

5. Ryan Weaver SFT (w-majdec 13-3) over J.C. Jiminez JC

7. Tanner Johnson SME ( W- majdec 13-0) over Nick Uphoff GLEN


1. Tyler Caldwell G ( wdec 11-2) over Phillip Henes STA

3. Joey Lutz SME (wdec 5-4) over Michael Arellano GC

5. Travis Clarke E ( Wdec 7-1) over Blake Cox FS

7. Jason Langford T( wdec 7-1) over Chase Wells SFT


1. Ryan Houlden G ( wdec 7-2) over Joey Dozier GC

3. Benny Armstrong AND ( wdec 7-6) over Dillon Charland JC

5. Jordan Noll ACCHS (w-majdec 13-1) over Buzz Hermreck PA

7. Tyler Baughman L ( WBF 1:59) over Daniel Blair PITT


1. Brent Fisher G ( wdec 6-5) over Nick Flynn L

3. Jess Lemon C ( wdec 8-5) over Willie Eck AND

5. Brad Sommerfeldt PITT ( wdec 4-2) over Evon Royal JC

7. Moses Padilla GC (w-majdec 8-0) over Jason Leutzinger GLEN


1. Sam Thoman AND (wdec 6-5) over Brandon Bonewell G

3. Grant Hinkley L ( wdec 4-3) over Jordan Brown PITT

5. Jeff Childs JC ( DFLT) over Cody Provance C

7. Bryson Conaway SEA (wdec 4-3) over Patrick Harris T


1. Tyler Koehn PITT ( WBF) over William Bowles HARM

3. Gabe Mason B ( wdec 5-3) over David Blazevic T

5. Noel Richardson C ( wdec 7-2) over Kenton Kloster SME

7. Blake Nelson FS (w-majdec 17-3) over Steven Cooksley SEA


1. Matt Baker SME (w-majdec 11-0) over Andrew Davis GLEN

3. Roman Villegas G ( wdec 10-8) over Chris Ewing SFT

5. Jace Banner GC ( wbf 2:51) over Jason Mellies SL

7. Jarad Sanches SMW( WBF 2:00) over Evan Meyers E


1. Jaker Kober SFT (WBF) over Josh Hicks G

3. Jason Leverman GLEN (w-majdec 15-3) over Joe Bauswell P

5. Andrew Collingwood SME ( wdec 5-1) over Tyler Strouhal L

7. Andrew Greenwood COL ( DFLT) over Mitchel Bean GC


1. Duane Zlatnik R ( WBF) over B.J. Finney AND

3. Lucas Vincent ON( WBF 0:43) over Nick Langford HARM

5. Jacob Nowak STA ( wdec 8-5) over Kevin Osmulski C

7. Dwayne Lee SEA ( wdec 3-1) over Dennis Jilka SME


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