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KU deserved higher ranking in final polls

January 16, 2008

Again, congratulations is in order to Kansas University Football coach Mark Mangino who recently was named coach of the year by the National College Coaches Association.

Mangino has already received many such awards and it would have been nice if Kansas could have moved up in the ranks with their BCS Orange Bowl victory. Kansas which finished with a 12-1- record had the best record of any team in the BCS Bowls. Kansas won the Orange Bowl and was expected to move up a couple of notches but didn't. One of the reasons cited was that the Jawhawks lost to Missouri in the regular season but using that same criteria of head to head competition Oklahoma who defeated Missouri twice during the season and didn't advance in the rankings.

In other news, the airwaves are buzzing again of the possibility of Kansas City getting a NBA team for the Sprint Center.

And the rumors have it there is a possibility of KC getting the Hornets out of New Orleans unless New Orleans has an attendance of 14,000 or more for the rest of the season and next year. Give me a break: Kansas City is currently struggling with the Royals and Chiefs.

Who wants another losing franchise in KC, especially the Hornets?

Years ago Kansas City had the opportunity to support a NBA team but the Kings pulled out and went to Sacramento.

Everybody has their own opinion regarding who should be located at the Sprint Center. Personally, I could care less if a NBA team or a professional hockey team comes to the Sprint Center.

And, I doubt very much if Kansas City could successfully support a NBA team or a hockey team.

I would rather see a girls and boys basketball team playing weekly at the Sprint Center in a game of the week type situation. I believe that good high school games would probably bring as many fans to the Sprint Center as a NBA team or hockey team.

In my opinion, KC would be better off supporting the Royals and the Chiefs.

We need to do what it takes to keep major league baseball and NFL football in the City.

Speaking of the Royals, General Manager, Dayton Moore, is doing a fine job in attempting to make the Royals a more competitive team.

He has improved the pitching staff and has also added a free agent who is considered a power hitter.

KC is very fortunate housing a major league baseball franchise and a NFL team.

It's going to be a chore for Chiefs General Manager, Carl Peterson, to once again fill the seats at Arrowhead Stadium. Peterson, made a good decision in replacing the Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Mike Solari.

The Chiefs are in need of offensive linemen and there are just a few free agents out there capable of holding down offensive line positions.

Peterson will need to fill the spots on defense in the upcoming draft.

At first I thought they should concentrate on offensive linemen, but if a quality quarterback was still on the board I would rather see the Chiefs draft him. There is no doubt it's the offensive line up front that enables the team to have much success.

But you could look around and see that all Super Bowl challengers has a good quarterback. The upcoming NFL playoffs are a good example with the teams having a quality quarterback.

A good matchup for the Super Bowl would be Brett Favre and the Packers and Tom Brady leading the Patriots.

It's very doubtful that even with Phillip Rivers in the lineup at quarterback that San Diego can beat Tom Brady and the Patriots.

However, The Chargers did manage to pull off a win with Rivers and Tomlinson both sitting out most of the game with injuries.

I believe the Super Bowl will have the Patriots playing the Green Bay Packers.


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