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Constituent shocked

January 31, 2008

To the editor:

This is an open letter to Mr. Don Studnicka, Ward 2 "representative."

'Shocked' is the only way I can describe the negative position you took against our petition on student parking along Hithergreen Drive. Yes, Mr. Studnicka, you were the lone member of the Lansing City Council to speak out against the very citizens you represent. Did you not hear us? Did you not hear when we spoke at the council meeting on Jan. 17 that of the 34 homes along Hithergreen who answered our call, 43 residents signed supporting our petition against students parking on Hithergreen Drive? Were the nine different color photos we also presented on illegal student parking meaningless to you? Whatever happened to elected officials representing the needs and interests of their constituents? Why did you speak out against the overwhelming majority of the citizens living along Hithergreen Drive, living right adjacent to you? Was it due to ignorance or arrogance? Whatever your reason, can you hear us now?

Joe Sparks



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