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Try something different

July 3, 2008

Have you ever watched someone make something or give a demonstration that looked so easy and you said to yourself, "I can do that, nothing to it," only to later try it and hit a blank wall as to how it was done? What was it that we missed? Did we not ask the right questions? Our mind never seems to remember every little detail.

My daughter gave me a book for Christmas titled "Keep Your Brain Alive." I think she was trying to tell me something. It contained 83 neurobic exercises that are supposed to help keep you mentally alert and prevent memory loss. This book suggests that we should try to do things a little different and get away from our routine. If we take the same route to a certain place, try coming home on a different route. Unlock and open the door with your right hand if you are left handed or your left hand if you are right handed. Eat your food with the opposite hand. Try doing many tasks this way.

Try parking your car a block before or after your usual stop and walk the rest of the way. Go to a restaurant you have never tried before or order something totally different than you usually eat.

Eat breakfast for dinner and vise versa. Next Sunday sit on the opposite side of the church and up a few rows. Why is it when we travel and go to church it doesn't matter where we sit but at home we have to stay in our "comfort zone".

Go to the theatre; listen to music you don't ordinarily care for. Take a cruise. Go to new places and see new faces. It is important to breaking the routine especially on vacations. Avoid traveling in large groups. Meet people of different cultures.

Be creative. Lots of places offer week or month long courses in writing, painting, photography, rock climbing, cooking or whatever you are interested in. The possibilities are endless.

Watching television for hours on end numbs your brain. THAT'S WHAT THE BOOK SAYS.


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