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July 9, 2008

During the summer most high school aged teenagers have completed driver's education classes and are now proud owners of what appears to be a valid driver's license. Many parents assume that because their teenager now has a driver's license they can drive anywhere at anytime. This is not always the case. There are four types of driver's licenses that can be issued to your teenage child:

¢ Instruction Permit

¢ Farm Permit

¢ Restricted Driver's License

¢ Non-Restricted Driver's License

With the instruction permit license, the student is only allowed to drive when accompanied by a licensed adult 18 years of age or older.

With a farm permit or a restricted driver's license, the student is allowed to drive to and from school (not school activities), to and from work, for farm-related work or at anytime when accompanied by a licensed adult who is 18 or older. Students with farm permits or restricted driver's licenses may not transport any non-siblings or minor passengers.

The nonrestricted driver's license would be issued to a student who is already 16 years old and will be allowed to drive anytime.

It is important that parents and/or legal guardians understand the restrictions that apply to these different types of driver's licenses, because if your student is convicted of two or more moving violations, they will remain restricted until the age of 17.

Vehicle window tinting has also become an issue lately. The law states that the total light transmission shall not be less than 35 percent. If you feel your vehicle is in violation, we have a device that we attach to the window, which indicates the exact percentage of light that is passing through it.

If you should have any questions about these topics please feel free to contact me. Have a safe and enjoyable summer.


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