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August trash, recycling bills to see $2.95 increase

July 17, 2008

Next month many Bonner Springs residents may begin paying for a service they're not receiving.

That's because only about 800, or 36 percent, of the available recycling bins for curbside pickup have been taken home by residents from City Hall and the Community Center.

At its Monday night meeting, the City Council approved 7-1 an ordinance establishing a combined household trash and curbside recycling fee of $9.65, an increase of $2.95 from the previous monthly charge for trash disposal. The charges will appear on August bills.

Of that increase, the city absorbs 35 cents and is left a "cushion" of 44 cents per unit, to allow for the contingency of future rate hikes by Deffenbaugh.

The Lake of the Forest, which is not included in the city's contract with the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kan., for trash and recycling pickup by Deffenbaugh, will receive a subsidy of $2,964 from the solid waste fund for its trash disposal services.

Council member Wayne Gray voted against the ordinance, he said later, because "I don't like tax increases."

Rita Hoag, city clerk, emphasized that residents of homes eligible for curbside recycling pickup - which began the last week of June - can still pick up a bin if they lost their voucher by bringing in a proof of address. Regardless, unless they live in an apartment or trailer, they'll be charged for recycling beginning next month, whether or not they have a bin and are using it, she said.

"We strongly encourage people to recycle and save landfill space," Hoag said.

Instructions for using the recycling bins come with each bin, which can be picked up 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday at City Hall, 205 E. Second St., or at the Community Center, 200 E. Third St.

The recycling drop-off at the Public Works building, 12401 Kaw Dr., will continue to operate during its normal hours, 7 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

In other actions Monday, the Council:

¢ Approved payment of claims for city operations for $628,341.

¢ Approved payment of Public Housing Authority claims for $2,667.

¢ Approved a request by the Bonner Springs-Edwardsville Area Chamber of Commerce for the use of city streets, parking lots and downtown parks for Tiblow Days, Aug. 21-23.

This year, the approved request included the parking lots on either side of East Third Street at Kump Avenue, for a new Tiblow Days event, a barbecue contest scheduled for Aug. 22-23.

¢ Approved a permit allowing consumption and possession of cereal malt beverages for the parking lots mentioned above during the barbecue contest.

¢ Approved the appointment of Jason Krone to the Planning Commission. Krone, whose term will end August 2011, will take the place of Del Coleman, whose term expires this August.

¢ Approved a resolution authorizing the sale of temporary notes in the amount of $6,095,000, establishing a bond authority of $1,400,000 for the Kump Water Main Project, and a resolution amending the Main Trafficways Bond Authority of $2,500,000 for the Kump Street Project.

The issuance of the temporary notes, effective in September, will increase the city's debt subject to state law from $9,988,772 to $10,941,453.

¢ Approved the rezoning of Bonner Springs Pointe, a planned retail development of 15.39 acres at the northeast corner of Kansas Avenue and Kansas Highway 7, from A-1 agricultural district to C-2, general business district.

¢ Approved an ordinance granting an easement vacation for two lots on Cedar Springs, at 2048 and 2052 S. 137th St. The vacation was necessary because the foundations for the garages at each lot were short by 4 feet. The garages will encroach into the 20-foot building setback line and the utility easement, but all public utilities are in place.

¢ Approved unanimously an ordinance amending the city zoning ordinance BSZP-108 to allow wind-energy conversion systems. The amendment adds regulations to Section 11 of Article XXII of the Supplementary District Regulations, and adds a definition for wind-energy conversion systems to Article XXVIII off the zoning ordinance.

The erection of a wind turbine would be limited by its height so that the setback distance from the property line would be determined by the diameter of the rotor, so that a 5-foot rotor would require a 100-foot setback distance, and a 40-foot rotor would require a setback of 385 feet.

Don Slone, city planner, told the Council the reason for the setback requirements was noise, as well as the danger that the structures could fall.

"We used the KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) principle," Slone said, and talked to the planners in Hutchinson and Hoisington, two of the only Kansas towns with ordinances allowing and regulating WECs.


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