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Council honors police officer

July 24, 2008

Attention to detail and proactive policing has earned Basehor police officer Mike Joslyn a pat on the back.

The Basehor City Council unanimously approved a letter of commendation for Joslyn, presented by Police Chief Lloyd Martley Monday night, for his work during a recent home invasion incident in the city.

Joslyn was working the midnight shift on July 7, Martley said, when he noticed a car parked in front of a house that was not normally there and stopped to investigate. His presence alerted an intruder inside the home, putting a stop to a struggle the intruder and the homeowner were having over a shotgun and causing the suspect to leave the scene. Joslyn was also already in the driveway when the 911 call came in to assist the homeowner.

"Because of officer Joslyn's observation and quick actions in investigating the suspicious vehicle, it is my opinion that he prevented the suspect from causing serious injury or even death and preventing any loss of property to the victim," Martley said in the letter.

Future benefit districts become official

Council members approved, 5-0, the development agreement for Basehor Town Center to implement provisions in the two benefit districts that were approved earlier this month.

A benefit district is when general obligation bonds are used to help fund improvements to an area of development. The developer is in charge of making payments towards the debt until enough property owners move into the area to take over the payments.

The first benefit district will cover the construction of Basehor Boulevard, the main road that will run through Basehor Town Center, from 155th Street to the new elementary school along with water and sewer lines to serve the new school.

The second benefit district is for improvements to 155th Street due to increased traffic brought on by the development of Basehor Town Center.

City Administrator Carl Slaugh said the development agreement was essentially the same as the one denied by the Council in May except for two changes.

"The provisions requiring a letter of credit were removed," he said. "And payments for the west side of 155th Street are still there, but it requires the developer to be responsible for payments so that those property owners won't pay anything as far as a benefit district."

Representatives from Affinity Development, the Basehor-Linwood School District and the city of Basehor met last week to discuss the initial stages of the benefit districts.

"I think it's an excellent agreement and I think that we didn't have very much risk before, but I think it mitigates our risk even more," Council Member Jim Washington said.

Council denies speed limit change

Residents in the Prairie Lakes Estates subdivision north of 150th Street and U.S. Highway 24-40 are concerned with the safety of their children prompting the homeowner's association to ask the Council for a reduction in the speed limit.

Resident Marcia McCown said cars speeding through the neighborhood, especially down Craig Street have become a problem and said homeowners were in agreement to try to have the speed limit lowered from 30 miles per hour to 20 mph.

"We all decided that if it would save a life, it was worth changing the speed limit," she said. "We thought it would help with the situation."

Council member Terry Hill said that lowering the speed limit would not necessarily reduce the speeding and the presence of a Basehor police officer would probably be a better deterrent.

Martley said that studies show that people drive at what they feel is a safe speed regardless of the posted speed limit and a reduction in the speed limit would probably also result in police issuing more tickets to the residents of the subdivision. He agreed to set up traffic control near the neighborhood to monitor speeding.

The Council denied the request, 4-1, with Council president Iris Dysart in favor. However, City Superintendent Gene Myracle said the public works crew would replace the speed limit signs in the neighborhood that had apparently been stolen and also add "Children At Play" signs this week.

In other action Monday night, the Council:

¢Approved, 5-0, the remainder of business items on the agenda including selecting street and highway projects for the 10-Year Comprehensive Transportation Program for Kansas; a Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Rebate requested by Pebblebrooke, LLC; funding of the Kansas Sampler Festival; selecting an option for 155th Street improvements in front of Basehor Town Center and authorizing the repair of 158th Street from 24-40 to Parallel Road and Parallel Road from 155th Street to 163rd Street by Leavenworth County.

¢ Met in executive session for five minutes to discuss attorney-client privilege.


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