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How to tell if you’re over the hill

July 31, 2008

If this were an advertising piece, it would start out with "back by popular demand." Well, to be honest, maybe it should be "somewhat popular demand." In response and suggestions, here are a few more ways to tell if you are "over the hill" or just edging toward the summit of life.

Take cars for example:

If you learned to drive when you had to roll down the window, and used a hand signal if you were planning to turn or slow down :

If the starter for the car was a pedal on the floor or a button on the dash board :

If auto heaters were box-type objects under the dashboard :

If no one thought economy was important because gas was 21.9 cents per gallon :

If the speed limit in Kansas was whatever was "safe and prudent" :

If power steering didn't exist :

If four-lane highways were rare :

If car radios were luxuries :

If all cars had running boards :

If speed control meant keeping your eye out for a police car :

Then you are a senior citizen.

On the other hand, if you remember spending all Saturday night cruising around town and barely recall the 55 mile per hour speed limit, then you are very young.

How about sports?

If you played on the Bonner Springs EKL championship football team coached by Vaughn Kimbrough in 1957:

If you remember when Len Dawson was the Chiefs starting quarterback and Hank Stram was the head coach :

If you were a fan of Gus Zernial or Vic Power or if you knew that Zernial was nicknamed "Ozark Ike" and Power played first base for the original Kansas City A's :

If you were a fan of St. Louis Cardinals baseball and Harry Caray was the announcer :

If your favorite player was Fenton Mole and you were a big fan of the Kansas City Blues. For the very young, the Blues were an AAA baseball farm club of the Yankees and, you guessed it, Mole was a member of the team :

If you were a member of a Bonner Springs High School football team that played games at Lions Park and high school football season started the third week in September :

If you played basketball when there was a jump ball after every goal and a high-scoring game had 30 points :

Then you are a member of the Medicare generation.

You are nearing or in middle age if :

You graduated from either Basehor High School or Linwood High School :

You remember Argentine High School or Rosedale High School and Schlagle High School and Harmon High School didn't exist :

You were a fan of the Bonner Springs High School 1984 state championship basketball team ...

You attended the seventh game of the 1985 World Series when the Royals defeated the St. Louis Cardinals :

If you were a fan of the TV shows "Kojak" or "Hawaii 5-0" :

You voted for Ronald Reagan for president :

You remember a time when little girls had to wear dresses to school :

You are nearing of have crossed the summit of life :

If you subscribed to the Chieftain when Marion Vaughn was publisher or if you were old enough to vote when he was mayor of Bonner Springs :

You owned an Edsel, Kaiser, Frazier or Studebaker automobile :

If color TV was a novelty :

You remember a time when families listened to the radio in the evening and television was just a dream or something written up in science magazines :

If you were a fan of Hopalong Cassidy or the Cisco Kid :

If you couldn't wait to see the serials shown before the regular feature at the movies on Saturday afternoon ...

You don't have to look in the mirror to see that you're aging - your memories will certainly give you away.


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