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Lindsborg a welcoming small town

July 31, 2008

Lindsborg is a small, Swedish town in Kansas, located 40 miles south of Salina. It is in the heart of the Flint Hills and bordered on the west by a small rise named Coronado Heights.

This year the corn and soybeans were a lovely shade of dark green, due in large part to the rains - one storm swept through even while we slept. The rain pounded the Inn where I stayed; whipping through treetops and even blew over a tree or two.

Had I not left my car windows open to let out the stifling heat of the day, I might not have known about the thunderstorm. I slept through the whole thing; kind of like the sleeping Dorothy being whisked away in the tumbling house as it was carried in the heart of a tornado. So soundly did I sleep.

Lindsborg is a tiny town with a population around 3,000. It is a town with a big heart and a bright future. It is a college town. The evidence of the warm relationship between the college and the community is evident; the academic stimuli of the college-bright ideas bloom like tulips there.

I am told that when the college needs help, the community pitches in. When the community needs shoring up, the college is there to lend a hand. The churches anchor the community and the college; faith and hard work are trademarks of Lindsborg.

As a professional group, the Kansas Women's Attorney Association, known as KWAA, holds its annual meeting there and has for the past 20 years. We have grown, even as the community has prospered. It was that meeting that recently took me to Lindsborg, a community I have been visiting for several years before KWAA began meeting there. We are always met with enthusiasm by the local merchants as well as by the college, where many of our members lodge and all take their meals. Dorm food never tasted so good - from Swedish fare to Iraqi food because this year's meeting focused on War, Women and the Law, included officers and newly returned soldiers to inform us.

We have grown so large. We held our banquet and silent auction in nearby McPherson. I was able to showcase Bonner by taking a merchants basket from our community. A delegation of women attorneys will arrive here later this summer to trade with those merchants whose gift certificates and donations help the scholarship fund KWAA established and funds each year -one to KU's School of Law and one to Washburn.

Intersecting circles - Lindsborg, Bonner, Iraq - connect us. What happens there impacts us here. What we do here, impacts others around the world. We are all soldiers in pursuit of peace and prosperity, for ourselves and for others.


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