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Schedule changes are on tap at Leavenworth County Fair

July 31, 2008

— The 82nd annual Leavenworth County Fair will have some significant changes in scheduling for this year's installment, slated for Aug. 12-16 at the Leavenworth County Fairgrounds.

Main events during some of the evenings have been moved up a day.

For instance, the fair parade through downtown Tonganoxie that eventually progresses to Evans Street, which is north of the fairgrounds, will be Tuesday, Aug. 12. In previous years, the event was on Wednesdays. As in the past, the draft horse pull will follow the parade.

The schedule for the rodeo, which will be Wednesday, Aug. 13, and Thursday, Aug. 14, has also changed this year. The rodeo had been on Thursdays and Fridays in the past.

"The reason we did that, we wanted to open up Friday night to put on another kind of event to generate more income to improve the grounds," said Fair Board president David Todd.

The new event will be a Mud Run on Friday, Aug. 15. Hot rod trucks with large tires will drive through a pit of mud 150 feet long. Water fills the dirt pit to make for a "slurry, muddy consistency," Todd said.

"They race through that against the clock to see how fast they can get through it," he said. "Some guys can't get all the way through."

The event will be contested north of the northern-most parking at the fairgrounds, or where Tonganoxie Recreation Commission soccer games are played.

The Fair Board sold 5 acres to the Recreation Commission for land where additional ball fields will be built. As part of the agreement, the commission put in a crossing so the Fair Board could have access to the other portion of its land, which is separated by a creek. The mud run will be held on the other side of the fairground property on the north side of the creek.

Todd said final preparations for the event, such as temporary lights and other logistics, are still being hammered out.

He said plans were in the works to use shuttles to take people to the mud run from the fair. Some bleachers will be brought in, but the natural hillside will serve as seating as well, so people are asked to bring lawn chairs and blankets for the event.

The one event that will not change its day is the demolition derby, which will be Saturday, Aug. 16.

Todd also stressed that one change from what was published in the fair book deals with where children who are participating in the parade may be picked up. Students may be picked up at Third and Evans streets.


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