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Basehor animal control gets new vehicle

June 12, 2008

The role of an animal control officer can be difficult.

But a new vehicle upgrade nay make Basehor's Animal Control Officer Donald "Slim" Wilson's job a little bit easier.

The City Council approved in April purchase of a 2008 Ford Ranger to replace the old animal control vehicle, which was in poor shape. The new truck went into service last week.

"One of the main things was it didn't have AC (air conditioning)," Basehor Police Chief Lloyd Martley said about the old vehicle. "It didn't have proper seat belt restraints, the emergency brake didn't work, it was rusted throughout, the paint was peeling - it was just ready to be retired."

Purchased in 1992, the original truck was used as a maintenance vehicle and later passed down to the Animal Control Department, Martley said. The new vehicle features not only the basic necessities the old truck was lacking, but it is also equipped with a camper shell to protect animals from inclement weather, as well as lights, sirens and radios. Martley said that if needed, the truck could serve as an official police vehicle.

With the 40 to 60 hours of patrolling and handling every animal call made to the city from dead and live animal removal to stray and vicious animals, Martley said Wilson was deserving of the new truck.

"He is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week," he said. "If we get an animal complaint in the middle of the night, we call him and he comes out and takes care of it. We're very happy to have Slim. He has been tremendous for this city and if anybody deserves a new truck, he is the one that certainly deserves it as our animal control officer."

Martley said the new vehicke would also better serve the residents of Basehor by painting the city in a positive light. The new truck is functional and looks professional and official allowing the Police Department to present a more positive image to residents and visitors to the city, he said.

"It was more of an eyesore and an embarrassment to what we're trying to build here and represent," Martley said of the old vehicle. "This is a very positive step."


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