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Meeting a cousin via the Internet

June 12, 2008

Through the marvels of the Internet, my first cousin twice removed, Eric, managed to find us by way of information that my first cousin once removed, Ray, had put into, and came to visit us from California. Are you confused yet? We sure were.

It was so neat as for two days we could compare notes, pictures and stories. Eric had traveled to England and had pictures of schools, churches and coal mines where my grandfather's grandfather had worked. This young man was totally amazed that I knew and had lived with his great-great-grandmother until I was 12. I had many stories to tell about my grandparents.

We shared pictures with him that we had of my dad working at the controls of the coal mine entrance at the Kansas State Prison. Also he loved learning about his great-great-aunts, Elizabeth Sherley and Rachel Studdard who lived in Lansing. Eric visited and took pictures of where they all went to church and of course went to their burial places both at Mt. Calvary and Mt. Muncie.

It is so amazing that we can share information this way and send pictures through the Internet. Through our Family Tree Maker program and Ray's programs, it is possible to have all family members listed and it will tell you exactly how you would be related. Most of them, we do not know.

Have you ever wondered when traveling just by chance someone on the street could be a distant relative? And wonder what they do and what talents they have? Things you would never know unless you actually could meet them.

We were so happy to meet Eric and find out about his work that takes him all over the world. Also it was great to learn about his 12-year-old son who lives in Vienna and sings in the Vienna Boy's Choir. That is quite an honor.


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