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Cable provider adding, moving HD channels

June 23, 2008

Time Warner Cable, the cable television provider in Lansing, has added new High Definition (HD) channels and soon will relocate other HD channels.

Some of the newly launched HD channels include HGTV HD (channel 1054), Food Network HD (channel 1052), and Discovery HD (1045). Also new to the HD lineup is MHD (channel 1024) which features concert series, events and original productions from MTV, VH1 and CMT. Time Warner Cable anticipates adding more new HD channels by the end of the month.

"As the HD leaders, we're not only adding more HD content to enhance our customers viewing experience. We're also making it quicker and easier for them to locate the HD versions of their favorite shows," said Damon Porter, Time Warner Cable director of public affairs.

Beginning July 3, Time Warner Cable will reorganize its channels, it said, to make it simple to find the HD versions of programs. Viewers will be able to locate the HD version of their favorite channels by adding either 10, 12 or 13 in front of the standard definition channel number. For instance, TNT currently is found on channel 32. Its HD counterpart will move from channel 1460 to 1032 to make it easier to find.

The HD versions of channels included in the basic/cpst tier will be found in the 1000s. Channels from the digital tier that are broadcast in HD will be located in the 1200s while channels from the premium tier will be found in the 1300s. Broadcast channels delivered in HD will remain in the 1400s. Video On Demand (VOD) in HD will be located in the 1500s.

Customers will be able to access all HD versions of the networks included in their current programming tier.

Some viewer favorites and their new channel numbers beginning July 3 - include HD Theater channel 1000, National Geographic HD channel 1056, History HD channel 1069, FSN Midwest HD 1059, ESPN HD 1033, ESPN 2 HD 1034, A&E HD 1035, HBO HD 1300, Cinemax HD 1320, Showtime HD 1340, and Starz HD 1360.

"We are dedicated to bringing Time Warner Cable customers a broad selection of HD programming delivered in a customer friendly easy-to-use format. The addition of these HD channels and the reorganization of our channel lineup will make it even easier to enjoy the vivid 'you are there' HD experience," Porter said.


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