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City library appreciated

June 26, 2008

To the editor:

With all the recent rain, my family has made more trips to our Bonner Springs City Library. We appreciate any coverage of the library events, collections and even the progress on our upcoming new library in the paper.

Our library still stocks some of the old videos and I recently enjoyed seeing Elvis in "King Creole" and Kevin Costner in "Field of Dreams." The Elvis movie was a well-written story with good New Orleans style music and an ending that left you feeling good about a young Elvis getting through some tough times. The Costner movie is the one where a farmer builds a baseball field in his cornfield and follows an angel-like feeling to bring a famous writer to the spiritual-like field. Both movies are uplifting and make great summer escapes on a rainy or humid day. Between the music, good conquers evil and the good, uplifting spirit of the movies, it was some relief from the tough times we all have with the rising prices of everything, especially entertainment movie prices and gas to go out on the town.

So this summer we will appreciate our libraries even more. We even make a few trips to the West Wyandotte Library since they show some art exhibits and offer a bigger selection of some movies.

But we are looking forward to the progress of the new Bonner Springs library since having a bigger library here in our hometown, with future bigger selections and more space to house plenty more of free entertainment and good reads, will eventually save us on the rising prices of gas to travel around to the library.

Mark Lee

Bonner Springs


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