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A closer look at the American flag

March 20, 2008

From the Lansing VFW:

With Memorial Day just two months away, homeowners should begin to take a closer look at the American flag they've been flying all year. Answer these questions and make the determination:

Is my flag faded, dirty or permanently stained? Nothing can be done for a faded or permanently stained flag, however, you may machine wash a soiled flag according to the manufacturers instructions.

Is my flag tattered or are the stripes separated? Separated stripes can be repaired. Holes in cotton/polyester flags can also be repaired. The VFW Post has repair material available at no cost.

What do I do with my unserviceable flag? The James Taylor Lansing Memorial VFW Post 12003 has placed a flag collection box in front of the Lansing Activity Center for your convenience. It is the refurbished red, white and blue postal box right next to the library book drop box. Our VFW Post will then dispose of the flags in an appropriate manner.

If you have any questions concerning your flag, you are welcome to contact me by e-mail or by calling:

Jeff Meid, Commander

VFW Post 12003

(913) 727-2984 (Home)

(913) 683-3482 (Cell)


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