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Bonner Springs girls swim team seeks to improve during each meet this year

March 26, 2008

Nick Bates

Staff Writer

The goals posted on the wall inside the humid YMCA swimming pool next door to Bonner Springs High School show times and individual's names. The names stay the same, but the times shrink every week as the girls improve.

The Bonner Springs swim team has focused on these goals since the first practice on Feb. 25 and begin competition this week.

Tierney Thompson coaches the BSHS girls swim team. Thompson, who swam for New Mexico State in college, is in her first year at the school.

"(The goals) are mainly endurance sets that focus on the fundamentals of swimming," Thompson said. "I have no idea of what to expect."

Thompson's policy in swimming is that every girl swims every event. She admits this is a different approach.

"The girls will be doing things they are not used to," she said.

The idea is not foreign to Bonner Springs high school. The boys swim team had a similar approach this winter past fall.

She also has other objectives to achieve this season.

She wants the team to win a meet or two, but understands that she has a young team and needs to develop them before they can win at a high level. Ultimately, she wants to build a winner at BSHS.

"I want that camaraderie and excitement to build throughout the season. It is a team effort," said Thompson said. "I want (the girls) to have confidence that they never knew they had."

However, she also understands that swimming is ultimately an individual sport.

"The key thing with swimming is that it teaches you about who you are as a person," she said. "Whether you leave it all in the pool or you don't, it comes down to you:90 percent of (swimming) is mental," she said.

By applying lessons learned while swimming in college, she hopes to enrich the girls' experience.

"I hope to teach them to finish what they start and to finish even if it is a challenge," she said.

Leaders and standouts have yet to be determined for the Bravettes because the meets do not start until this week.

Thompson would like to wait to comment on individuals until a couple of meets are in the books. However, Thompson also hopes to have some girls that make state consideration times.

The team has set its sites on performing well at the "Wyco Invite" on May 1st at Washington High School.

The event takes place one week before league championships and two weeks prior to state swim meet.

"They are all hard workers and the results have shown," said Thompson said. "Each week the girls have improvement in their goal sets."

It is safe to say that a new set of goals will be posted next week as the Braves continue to improve.


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