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Collectors should take care of trashcans

March 27, 2008

I wonder how many Lansing folks have had to replace their trashcans over the past years? I just bought my fifth new one in the last five years. Why? Because our trash contractor apparently takes great pride in throwing, tossing and slinging our trash cans down as hard as they can after emptying the trash.

Now, if I'm going to have to endure a raise in rates, then I suggest you allow us to deduct our new trashcan expenses from our bill. Then I would suggest you adjust your contract with Deffenbach accordingly! They are so bad that I have on numerous occasions stopped and removed cans from the middle of our streets! This is just another item on my long list of the failures of this administration's concern for the great citizens of this community.

PS: One of my cans is easily identified by the numerous strips of OD Duct Tape repairs!!

Lenard (Pepper) Shlenker



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