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Code questions

May 7, 2008

To the editor

As a concerned citizen, I am all for the citywide cleanup. But why does it matter if 12 of 20 residents in a three-block radius have a vehicle in the driveway that hasn't moved for a while.

Why isn't the code enforcer writing citations for everybody that has one or many infractions? How is it that some people can't mind their own business (if you can or can't see it, that's OK).

I have a clean yard with a woodpile and an extra vehicle not in use : and so do many other citizens in this town.

Why aren't the city codes posted on the city Web site? Maybe, if I was in violation of a code, I would be more respectful and comply if I had seen the code(s) in question.

The codes should be out there for the public to view if any questions are brought before a citizen in this town.

Donald Norman

Bonner Springs


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