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May 7, 2008

Joanne O'Brien, who passed away recently, touched the hearts of many men, women and children. I have tabbed her The World's Greatest Card-Giver.

Joanne never missed anyone's birthday or anniversary, and you could always expect a card on a holiday. Sometimes I believed Joanne made up her own holidays just so she could send a card, and she always included a personal signature on the card. She was also a great caregiver and always willing to help someone that was ill or injured.

Joanne left five great children and I had the pleasure of coaching two of them, John and Patty. John was a great lineman on my football teams when he was in seventh and eighth grade. He played on back-to-back teams with a 7-0 record. He was also a member of the last football team at Sacred Heart in Bonner Springs, which was considered the best team ever at Sacred Heart, finishing 7-0 and never scored upon. John completed his education at Bonner Springs High School, where he also played football.

I coached Patty in basketball and track, where she was a fine competitor and sometimes played through injuries. Patty also completed her education at Bonner Springs High School where she was the recipient of the female Athlete of the Year Award in 1982. After leaving Sacred Heart, Patty continued to assist the coaching of the track program.

Joanne was a very supportive fan of her children in school sports and was active with the annual Brown Bottle Event at Sacred Heart. I have heard from several people that Joanne even sent their kids birthday cards every year. The last lengthy conversation I had with Joanne was at our 60th wedding anniversary celebration and, oh yes, we received a beautiful anniversary card. She was probably one of the better customers of the United States Postal Service. We wish her family the best, and may God be with them.

Since I'm not able to read anymore, the sports radio stations are my only means for sports information. The talk has been an ongoing controversy regarding a college playoff system in football. In my opinion, the BCS committee has done an outstanding job in the postseason play for NCAA football teams. The past two or three years has been pitting the top two teams playing for the national championship, and what more could you ask? I still enjoy the bowl games, especially the Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Orange Bowl, Gator Bowl, and the Fiesta Bowl. I believe that cities playing host to these bowls should continue to draw top consideration by the BCS committee. Last season was especially good for Kansas and Missouri. Both were victorious in their respective bowls. A national championship playoff would probably mean more lost time in the classroom. No matter what system they would decide on, you would still hear complaints.


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