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Third-graders discuss Edwardsville’s future

May 7, 2008

Editor's note: Third-grade students at Edwardsville Elementary have done research on both small towns and big cities, reading books and newspaper articles, watching videos, performing fieldwork in Edwardsville with Mayor Heinz Rodgers and also in Kansas City, Mo. They have listened to three expert speakers discuss small towns and big cities; two of these experts talked specifically about Edwardsville.

Now the students have written a Letter to the Editor of the Chieftain to inform the readers of their opinion of what they would like Edwardsville to be in the future. Here is a sampling of those letters:

Dear Editor,

My opinion is only one detail compared to Kansas City. But I've seen cities. I've seen traffic. I've been to Tulsa at rush hour. It seems that in cities no one cares if they pollute. Is that what Edwardsville wants? No. So why should we put up with crime and pollution and traffic when we have a peaceful town like this? That's why I say no to cities. My opinion is that I like Edwardsville the way it is! It has open space, parks, friendly people and no pollution from factories.



Dear Editor,

I want to see Edwardsville grow into a big city because I think it will be cool and loud. The casino will be cool if you put it in Edwardsville.

I don't like a small town because there are hardly any kids, but in a big city there are a lot of kids. And in a big city there will be more places to go and more sights to see and more people and pretty skyscrapers.

That's why I want a big city.


Dear Chieftain,

I think Edwardsville should remain a small town because if you build more business and buildings like the casino you will destroy the animals' homes. It will also cause more traffic and drinking /driving. Some people might loose their houses and there might be more pollution.

I would hate to have all of these changes. As you can see, I would like Edwardsville to remain a small town.



Dear Editor,

I would like to see Edwardsville grow and develop into a big city. I want to see nice big yards and no trash so kids can play at their homes.

My mom used to have a coffee shop, but she couldn't make enough money because there weren't enough people coming to her business. If more people lived here, then she'd have more people to come to her business.

I also have a hard time going to the store to shop because the stores are very far away. We would have more stores and they would be closer if we had a bigger city.



Dear Editor,

I want Edwardsville to stay the same because if it becomes a city it would take trees away. I want trees because they are animals' homes and I love animals. Also, I don't want a casino to be built here because it would take away trees and homes, and because it would take peoples money away.

I want lots of space because I want places to run and play. Also, I want space for animals to run and eat. The third reason is because I want the space to build safe places for people to go if we have a tornado.

I also want to have trees for air. If we have a big city there would be more pollution and smoke here and less fresh air. Pollution is not good for your lungs.

I want it to stay the way it is because I like peace and quiet. I do not want a lot of noises here. I want to get some good sleep like I do now.

Another reason why I do not want it to change is because I do not want more people to come in to make more crime. I think it is a safe place the way it is now. I can go outside without worrying about people who will take me. I can ride my bike on the streets without someone stopping their cars or trucks to bother me or even hurt me.



Dear Editor,

I want to see Edwardsville grow because if we have more libraries and museums we will learn more history. If we have a mall people who want to go shopping won't have to go to Kansas City, Mo. If we get more factories in Edwardsville, people can get work and get money for their families. I want to see more churches in Edwardsville. I want more banks in Edwardsville for people so if they need a checking account they can open one. I want a grocery store in Edwardsville so people don't have to drive to Bonner Springs to get groceries.

I want more businesses for people to work at. I want more apartments in Edwardsville because people who need homes can have somewhere to live. I want more schools for kids. If there was no room for kids in Edwardsville, they would have to go to a different school.

I want a casino to come to Edwardsville because with a casino, people who want a job can get one. I want to get more gas stations because if a gas station is full and there is nowhere to get gas people will have to drive to Bonner Springs.

These are the many reasons I want Edwardsville to grow and develop into a big city.




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