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Chief’s Corner

May 15, 2008

Did you know that injuries are the greatest threat to the life and health of your child? Injuries are the leading cause of death of school-aged children and you can prevent most major injuries.

Young children do many things that can cause serious injury, such as riding a bicycle, crossing a street or just simply playing. Children do learn fast, but they still cannot judge what is safe. You must protect your children and you can prevent common major injuries by taking a few simple steps:

¢ When riding a bicycle, your child should always wear a helmet. A helmet helps prevent head injuries and can save your child's life. Make sure the bike is the right size for your child. Never let your child ride a bike in the street because they may be too young to ride safely and understand that bikes have to obey the same laws as motor vehicles.

¢ When you allow your children to play in the streets, they are always in danger of being hit by a car. A common excuse for allowing our children to play in the streets is every house on our block has an angled driveway, which is not conducive for children playing with balls, riding bikes, scooters, etc. When children dart out into the street between vehicles, they are almost always running after something, such as a ball, that rolled into the street. When possible, you should take your child to a playground or a park to play. You should never allow your children to play in the streets under any circumstances.

¢ When children need to cross streets, you should teach your child to look for a curb, always stop at the curb and never cross the street without looking both ways to make sure that there are no vehicles coming.

It is your responsibility to keep your children safe and to provide an environment that is compatible for the activities they are participating in. With a few simple steps and some basic common sense, we can all prevent our children from becoming a statistic related to accidents and injuries that could be avoided. Have a happy and safe summer.

Please send questions for Basehor police Chief Lloyd Martley to or 2620 N. 155th St., P.O. Box 420, Basehor 66007. Martley will consider your questions for the Chief's Corner column in the Sentinel.


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