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Good motoring habits stretch gasoline mileage

May 15, 2008

Save on Gas

With the increase in gasoline prices, it is good to review our motoring habits.

Check the pressure in your tires at least once a month and check the spare tire, too. Your auto manual will tell you what the pressure should be.

Buy your gasoline in the coldest time of day because that is when gasoline is the densest and you get more for your money. Gas pumps measure volumes of gas.

Avoid jackrabbit starts. Accelerate slowly from a dead stop as this allows the carburetor to function at peak efficiency.

When you see a stoplight in the distance, slow down to take more time and give the light a chance to change before you get there. This way you do not have to come to a complete stop.

Never exceed the speed limits. Traveling at 55 miles an hour gives you 21 percent better mileage than driving between 65 and 70.

Keep windows closed when traveling at highway speeds, as open windows cause drag, reducing your mileage by 10 percent.

Drive steadily. Slowing down and speeding up wastes fuel.

Avoid tailgating as the driver ahead is unpredictable.

Avoid warming up your engine on cold mornings. Thirty seconds is plenty of time.

Try to avoid rush hour as much as possible because stop-and-go traffic wastes gas. Go a little earlier or a little later, or take a different route.

Good maintenance for your vehicle, like regular oil changes, air filter and other recommended maintenance, will give you better gas mileage.

Remove any heavy objects from your back seat or trunk as they will reduce your gas mileage.

Topping off your gas tank is a waste of gas.

If it is a hot day, park in the shade or use your garage as a hot car evaporates gas.

If you are only going a few blocks, switch to walking instead. You will burn fat instead of gas.

Do group errands. Try to do more than one or two errands a day and plan an efficient route to cut back on driving.

Use cruise control. This method actually has proven to save a lot of gas as it reduces heavy acceleration and heavy use of the brake, but do not use it if you are driving on steep hills.

Car pool with friends, family or neighbors and take turns driving each other to save gas for all of you.

Now there are credit cards that at times give you a 5 percent cash back on gasoline. Watch for these offers and take advantage.


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