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I love hugs

May 22, 2008

The most important and powerful source of energy between individuals is a hug. In a normal family relationship, children get dozens and dozens of hugs everyday. People that have the ability to give hugs as well as receive them are usually very healthy.

A hug is the most beneficial way two human beings can touch. There is power in a hug, and somewhere I read that everyone should have at least seven hugs a day. They can break down barriers that words cannot. It can be a simple act of caring and kindness.

May caregivers are trained in "therapeutic touch." Hugs, handshakes, even a good intentioned touch transfers useful energy to boost the immune system in the body. Did you know that our actual body chemistry changes when we are physically close to another? Many studies have now conclusively demonstrated that touch, especially caring touch, can increase the oxygen carrying hemoglobin in the blood and makes us happier and healthier human beings.

A hug can keep the depression away. No matter how you are feeling, make sure that your hugs are given freely to help everyone and anyone who needs a lift.

There is a lady in India named Amma, meaning mother, who has spent her whole lifetime helping people. She talks to thousands of people and tries to give hugs to everyone who comes near her. As long as 16-straight hours, she will give a hug and a healing word to those who have stood in line just for this special feeling of relief of any suffering they may have.

Amma is the daughter of a poor fisherman and a member of one of the lowest castes in India. She began her small acts of charity at age 7 with a desire to help anyone in need. And it grew as she aged. She founded an 800-bed hospital and started soup kitchens at home and abroad.

Are hugs the answer to world problems?


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