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Thigpen’s play encouraging during a dismal Chiefs year

November 13, 2008

I’m still wearing my Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas Jayhawks caps, but I’m really not a happy camper at the moment.

I was real satisfied on Sunday with the way Chiefs coach Herm Edwards took his M.A.S.H. unit to San Diego and had them playing real competitive despite so many injuries. When you’re rebuilding like the Chiefs are, being competitive is all you can ask for. The Chiefs are riddled with many injuries to quality players but still played a good game with players they more or less picked up off the street last week. In all my years of following the Chiefs I don’t think they have ever been hit as hard with injuries as they are this year.

To me, Tyler Thigpen is getting better each week and his passing to Tony Gonzalez kept them in the game Sunday with the highly-favored Chargers. Thigpen has now thrown 124 passes without an interception. I also agreed with the Chiefs going for the win by attempting a 2-point conversion. There was nothing to lose. The Chiefs aren’t going to the playoffs. They’re in last place. Their young players have fought and made games close three weeks in a row. Edwards owed it to his team to go for the win in that situation. It was the right thing to do. Besides, sometimes you have to gamble, and I don’t think the Chiefs’ worn-out defense could have gone much longer. Plus, rookie running back Jamaal Charles was banged up too, taking some extra pop out of the running game.

I’m more impressed with Thigpen with each week that goes by. He has made steady improvement because he has made smart decisions, can throw on the run and gets the ball to Gonzalez. Even Len Dawson, the NFL Hall of Famer, has given Thigpen plenty of kudos.

Another team that has been struggling lately is the Kansas Jayhawks. I’m sorry I didn’t get to listen to the entire KU-Nebraska game due to an emergency in the family. Although I didn’t hear the game, the outcome didn’t surprise me. I thought KU might have been looking ahead to its game at Arrowhead Stadium against Missouri, especially after scoring 76 points against Nebraska last year.

Kansas definitely won’t be looking past Texas on Saturday. That being said, I doubt very much if Kansas can beat Texas. I do feel the Jayhawks have a good shot at beating Missouri on Nov. 29. I believe the Jayhawks will get a bowl bid regardless how they fare in their final two games.

After listening to all the Big 12 college results I believe there is a good chance Texas Tech, Texas or Oklahoma could play for the National Championship. This could be a reality if LSU looses to Florida State this week. The Florida-Alabama game this week will tell a lot. If Alabama wins, it is a good possibility they will be playing for the National Championship along with a Big 12 team.


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