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Answers needed

November 26, 2008

To the editor:

I would like to express concern about the motion that was added to the agenda at the last City Council meeting about the Wolf Creek Parkway and 150th Street project. City Councilman Terry Hill motioned to add the item to the agenda on Monday, Nov. 17, without any prior notice. The citizens of Basehor should have had the option to weigh in and be notified in the newspaper.

So what does this mean for the Basehor taxpayers? The passed agenda item may put the city at risk for $5 million with no collateral to build streets at Wolf Creek Junction and straighten 150th Street to 24/40. Plus the city will have to cover any losses of the grocery store with our sales tax money.

I have, along with other citizens in Basehor, compiled a list of problems that are procedural issues as well as risk issues for the city concerning the Wolf Creek Junction project.

We have three major issues here. One is that the plat may not have been recorded in time; two, the excise tax was not paid before recording; and three, the city issued a building permit. Who is accountable for this, and if I am correct then what procedure will take place so it would not happen again?

A big issue is that this does not pass the sniff test when procedures seemed to have been ignored by staff. Something stinks! Was there a staff report with a checklist making sure all the items were addressed? If not then why?

Where was the consideration of the taxpayers? Not one financial study has been done to see if the city can cover the losses of the grocery store and Wolf Creek Junction.

When the City Council approved the Basehor Town Center, at least they made it a benefit district and held the developer accountable along with holding the land as collateral. The city did financial studies for this project, why not others?

The citizens of Basehor deserve answers. Please attend the council meetings or call the city and get answers.

Dennis Mertz



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