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Future entrepreneurs

November 27, 2008

Ideas have to be planted into our grade school children’s minds exactly how our economy works. Money is first generated with our ability to come up with new products and services that sell before the government can get its hands on it. It is far more important to own your own business than working for someone else. In human nature, it is more likely that we take better care of things that belong to us. If our high school seniors when they graduate would have had 12 years of knowledge about what it takes to start a business, it would help a lot. They have to research products that are in demand and learn all the legal ramifications of what really takes place. They need to know all the state and local rules and regulations.

Not everyone is cut out to be a risk taker. It is public knowledge that C students have more of a tendency to be risk takers than A students. Our economy needs a larger group of risk takers. Once the idea of the possibility of being an entrepreneur gets into their heads, nothing can stop them. Right here in Lansing there are many lovely buildings just waiting for someone to come along and open a business.

There is a book all grade school and high schools teachers should have as reference. It is called “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business” by Edward Paulson. There are chapters on digital downloads, computers and office, electronics, home and garden, grocery health and beauty, toys, kids and babies, apparel, shoes and jewelry, sports and outdoors, tools, auto and industrial.

Just as an example, if you are a sixth-grader with a digital camera, you could stay busy taking pictures of homes, businesses, and people, and put them in a frame and sell them. How I wish now we had more pictures of the buildings in Lansing when I was a kid. The museum loves to get these kind of pictures.

Once something is recorded, it is history, more valuable as the years go by. Teachers: Tell your students from little on that they have the potential to grow up and be rich and famous.


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