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Gene’s philosophy

October 2, 2008

My whole lifetime I have believed in the free enterprise system. I believe that Americans can come up with new products and new services with little or no interference from the government. Even when you are working for someone else, you can come up with new and better ways of doing something better. Everything can be improved.

We are still on vacation but have taken time to watch with great interest the proceedings of our American government in action. I have great confidence that the large- or small-business people in this country will step forward and financially make it work if the Congress does nothing. Many will be hurt because of a lack of responsibility on both the lender and the borrower. Wall Street is not totally to blame.

I was a little boy during the “Great Depression” and saw many folks who were down and out. There was no welfare then but people got through it by helping each other. As time went by most of these same folks managed to get better jobs, or go into business, and ended up not wealthy but comfortable.

So many of us are guilty, including myself, and are tempted to buy things we could probably live without. This has grown and grown for several generations to the point of us thinking there is nothing beyond our reach. I keep thinking about a remark our friend Walt Linaweaver said to someone years ago, “You want too much.”

While on this trip I have seen dozens of ways to make new art projects. We have seen so much diversity, the imagination is boundless. As of this writing we are in Sedona, Ariz., and thoroughly enjoying not only the artwork but the beauty of the countryside.

Moral to this story: Marketing is the name of the game, which is good but “let us resist temptation and be responsible.”


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