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Frustrating finish for Kaos

October 9, 2008

The Kansas Kaos have officially ended their season, but not in the way they wanted.

They forfeited a home playoff game against the Cass County Renegades, a team they had beaten twice this season.

The Kaos were scheduled to play host to the game on Saturday afternoon, but they were unable to guarantee a field to play the game becausee of cost. They were adversely affected by two teams in their division folding midway through the season, thus hurting the revenue stream available to the Kaos ownership.

Kaos owner Ed Williams said gate revenue also was limited, compounding an already dire financial situation.

“We were pleased with the few that did support us within the community,” Williams said. “However, we didn’t see enough attendance to keep it going through the playoffs. I can understand that in this current economy entertainment dollars can only go so far for families.”

Late last week, Williams talked to NAFL officials and came up with a solution to play the game in Nebraska at the Renegades’ home field. That did not happen, however, because the closest game officials were already scheduled to referee the Missouri-Nebraska college game in Lincoln, Neb. Then the Kaos tried to get the game switched to Sunday, but only five officials could make it. When Williams asked the league to allow the game to be officiated by the smaller crew, the NAFL declined and said that the Kaos had to forfeit the game they had been heavily favored to win.

“You hate to end on a sour note like this,” Williams said. “The players have a feeling of incompleteness. It is frustrating to end a great 9-1 season like this. We are going to go back to the drawing board to get some ideas going to prevent this from happening again in the future.”

Williams also said that the league provides little support locally, and hoped that it can come up with something that can help the teams on a local level.


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