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Autumn in the Grove

October 16, 2008

Because we got rained out last year, we kept an eye out on the weather all week hoping we would have a great day for “Autumn in the Grove.” It turned out to be a busy and beautiful Saturday for all involved.

We started the day at 7 a.m. eating pancakes with the Lions Club at the Community Center. By 8 we were parked on Gilman Road by the Grove. Our van and car were loaded with equipment needed to set up our booth for our art display. The city employees were so helpful in transporting our screens, tables, chairs, painting supplies, etc., to our location. We were joined by our son Michael who brought along some of his paintings and prints. I also had my sculpture set up for display. Another artist, Carol Page, joined us in our corner with her lovely photography, and it was a totally pleasant experience. Later in the afternoon Michael and I each gave a painting demonstration

By 10 a.m., there were wonderful displays all around the big circle of trails with live music and lots of excitement. There was a huge bon fire at the entrance with bails of hay to sit on and another area like that for story-telling. That was a great attraction. Across the way, Lansing Community Library had a long table with great projects for the children.

Many organizations had their wares for sale, including crafts, home made goodies, food and drinks. A clown who made all sorts of things with balloons, and scarecrows in a row that you could look over and vote for your favorite.

It was difficult to see how many people were there because they were so scattered in a large area. All in all it was fantastic, and we all had a wonderful time. Thanks to the city employees who worked so hard to get the park ready. I think everything went very well. We especially appreciated the beautiful day, and we were told that was the mayor’s department. Good job.


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