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Latest miserable performances make life tough for Chiefs fans

October 23, 2008

I was doing pretty good on my attempt to be a kinder and gentler person after the Kansas Jayhawks won the National Championship. I was still on a big emotional high because of their success.

I was still feeling great until the Kansas City Chiefs and Carolina Panthers football game a couple of weeks ago. I lost my cool big time but never gave up on the Chiefs completely. Then the Chiefs played the Tennessee Titans, and my mood grew worse. In the past few months I have actually defended Carl Peterson and Chiefs coach Herm Edwards, but I am beginning to doubt myself. I still believe Chiefs owner Clark Hunt should be more visible because the dedicated Chiefs fans have been very patient over the past few years.

Back when the Chiefs signed Willie Roaf that was when they should have started their youth movement and tried to improve their offensive line. They knew some of their linemen were on the verge of retirement, such as Will Shields, and they did nothing about it.

Last Sunday was the Chiefs’ second consecutive lost and I was just barely hanging on the wagon. It’s almost getting to the point where I doubt any quarterback would want to play for the hard-luck Chiefs if they want to remain alive or at least save their neck and knees. The Chiefs’ quarterback problems started way back when they let Rich Gannon get away. The Chiefs now have a big problem at the quarterback position after losing Brodie Croyle on Sunday with a season-ending knee injury and Damon Huard injuring his hand. There just isn’t anyone out there to my knowledge that could lead the Chiefs to the promised land. It appears there will be several good quarterbacks in the next NFL draft, so hopefully that will help.

I think the Chiefs’ defensive coordinator should tell the defense if they see a player with another color jersey coming at them with a ball under their arm they should tackle him. The players seem to be in the right places; the art of tackling has been atrocious. I keep hearing Len Dawson on the radio broadcast of the game saying to hit them low, to get down around the knees if you want to bring the ball carrier down.

The Chiefs now are dealing with another distraction that involves their multi-millionaire running back, Larry Johnson, who could well be suspended by the league for his alleged incident in a Kansas City night club where he was accused of spitting on a woman. Meanwhile, they’ve spent the past few years unloading players who were either too old or too expensive, as well as some of my favorites such as John Tait, Donnie Edwards, Jared Allen and Tony Richardson. Those guys delivered on the field and were fun to watch. These days Larry Johnson is not only a distraction, but he’s not even playing.

The Chiefs are setting records not favorable to the organization. The latest of those records was set on Sunday when they let the Titans rush for 322 yards — the most ever against a Chiefs team.

Since I can’t watch television and I have to rely on Len Dawson and my radio, I didn’t get to see the reception Tony Gonzalez received last Sunday but I am sure it was noisy. Gonzalez has been a premier player for the Chiefs on and off the field and I was disappointed when they didn’t get him traded to a franchise that would contend for the Super Bowl. In listening to one of my radio shows, a spokesman for the Green Bay Packers said they had a deal all set with the Chiefs to take Gonzalez but 10 minutes before the deadline was over Carl Peterson called the deal off. I would like to have seen Tony G. get his wish, but at the same time it would go against what I have always thought about contracts. I have said several times in my column that a contract should be binding according to the terms of the contract. But, what Tony wanted wasn’t anything unusual — he just wanted to go to a place where he could try to win a Super Bowl before retiring — and since the trade fell through he has once again proved to be a real stand-up person.

Yes, the KU national championship is ancient history now. It’s still exciting to think about, but the Chiefs have been a steady downer lately and I don’t see that changing any time soon.


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