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Too comfortable

October 23, 2008

To the editor:

Sometimes our county government makes me mad. It should make you mad too.

You’ll remember Todd Thompson was summarily fired when he said he’d run for county attorney because he wanted some prosecutions to take place in this county instead of plea bargains? That made me mad.

His livelihood was jerked from under him and his reputation sullied so our present county attorney could feel what he described to the Leavenworth Times as “comfortable.”

That’s the reason he gave for firing a fine young prosecutor who dared to challenge the status quo, so he could feel “comfortable”. How special. Maybe he’ll be more comfortable when he’s not county attorney. And maybe those worried about law enforcement in this county can be more comfortable too.

Our former chief of police described what was going on under our present county attorney as “wholesale plea bargaining.” His words, not mine. He agreed totally with Todd Thompson. He also said he took important drug cases straight to the feds instead of to our present county attorney because he feared the outcomes of those cases if left in the hands of our county attorney. He also complained that our county attorney often showed up for court unprepared.

Folks, this isn’t the kind of county attorney we need. We need an aggressive, enthusiastic, young prosecutor who will take criminals to court and seek tough penalties for egregious crimes, a prosecutor who won’t waste the efforts of our law enforcement people, a prosecutor who will protect the people and property of this county.

Todd Thompson is president of the Leavenworth County Bar Association. He has several years of experience prosecuting cases before the judges of this county. He won his primary against a very worthy opponent by a landslide margin. And, most important, he has the desire to prosecute.

Our old lion has become toothless and frail. For whatever reason, he has lost the zeal to prosecute any more. It’s time for new blood. Vote Todd Thompson for County Attorney and let’s take a positive step toward cleaning up the mess that constant plea bargaining brings.

Byron L. Maduska



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