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Viewing in action

October 23, 2008

To the editor:

We here in Leavenworth County have seen 5th Kansas Senate District candidate Steve Fitzgerald in action. He may be unknown to voters in other parts of the district, but he is known to us.

We watched him be obstructionist on the Leavenworth School Board. He did not do the work of the people: He stood in the way of the work of people, time after time. Even more frightening, he showed his rancorous side against teachers who sought nothing more than a fair shake.

In countless letters to the editor Mr. Fitzgerald has given voice to an arrogant and intolerant ideology, with no respect for the differences in opinions and beliefs that exist among honorable people. We have also seen Mr. Fitzgerald try to assume the mantle of “The Decider”: Father knows best, so don’t worry your pretty little head, because The Decider will make your choices for you.

I may be mistaken, but I cannot think of a single colleague from the Leavenworth School Board who has endorsed Mr. Fitzgerald or stood up to say what a pleasure he is to work with, or how thoughtful he is on difficult issues, or how successful he is at achieving important outcomes for the community. Kelly Kultala, on the other hand, has demonstrated her ability to work in a cooperative and productive manner and her colleagues have stood to endorse her.

We do not need someone representing us who will be obstructive and overbearing on the floor of the Kansas Legislature as he has been on the dais of the Leavenworth school board.

Kelly Kultala will continue to bring economic development to the 5th District. She can enhance the influence of our delegation on behalf of critical education issues. She will be a respected voice for us and not a shrill, cantankerous voice from the fringe.

Linda Brown



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