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Thank you Lansing voters

October 30, 2008

On Wednesday, Oct. 22, we went to the dedication ceremony at our new high school auditorium and elementary school, approved by voters in a 2005 bond election.

First we went to the high school auditorium and had a grand tour, starting with the orchestra pit in front of the stage and on up to the stage that is huge. We could see why it looks so big from the outside. There is a huge room behind the stage with big double doors. Here they can build stage settings and props that easily can be rolled out when needed. Alongside of this are costumes and dressing rooms.

On one side of the stage we saw the fly system, which is a system of ropes, counter weights, pulleys and other such tools designed to allow a technical crew to quickly move set pieces, lights, and microphones on and off stage by flying them in from a large opening on the stage known as the fly tower/flyspace. We were told that technicians had to come in and train the theater crew just how to use this.

From the back prop room, we went up a long flight of stairs where several large storage rooms would be used for costumes and anything they might need for a play production. Then we went up more stairs and walked along the catwalk, which is used for technical functions such as manipulating lighting, sound and video. All of this is over the seating area. There is even a catwalk that leads from the stage to the control room at the back of the theater.

Everyone that had anything to do with this wonderful project was recognized for their hard work creating this facility for our school and community.

Then we went to the new Elementary School and witnessed the ribbon-cutting and got another tour. Each grade has its own color code and the children can find their classroom easily by looking at the colors on the walls or floor tiles. Each classroom has an outside window for natural light. The design is fabulous and the building is beautiful. You have to see it to believe it. Sure glad we did.


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