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Blockbuster offers new home movie transfer service

The Blockbuster store in Leavenworth offers a new transfer service for customer's home movies.

The Blockbuster store in Leavenworth offers a new transfer service for customer's home movies.

September 4, 2008

Now that DVDs have become the main medium for movie- watching, those old nostalgic home movies on film and tape may just be sitting in the attic collecting dust.

But, a new service offered at the Leavenworth Blockbuster allows customers to dig out those old film reels, VHS and even photo slides and have them transferred to DVD.

John Sanders, product manager for the 44 franchise Blockbuster locations outside the Kansas City metro area in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, said a company called Home Movie Depot asked the franchise if it would be interested in the service.

"They actually approached us and we're always looking for things we can bring to our customers," Sanders said. "A representative approached the manager in Jeff City (Mo.) and he passed it up the ladder."

According to Home Movie Depot's Web site, the company, which is based in Jefferson City, Mo., claims to be the largest provider of home movie transfers.

The service was first tested in four locations - two in Columbia, Mo., the location in Jefferson City, Mo., and the Leavenworth store near the beginning of July, Sanders said. Seeing the value of the added service, they quickly extended it to all 44-franchise locations by the beginning of August.

"People would be in the store and see the sign and say, 'I have some movies and I need to remember to bring those in,'" he said. "We found there's a lot of demand in the community. Everyone has an old camcorder or some sort of home movie they want to put on a DVD."

Everything from 8 mm, super 8 and 16 mm film, camcorder tapes and VHS, 35 mm slides, negatives and photos can be transferred. Customers just need to gather the media and bring it into a participating store, Sanders said. Some personal information is needed to place an order and customers are also asked to pick out a title for their DVD. Orders usually take about two to three weeks to process. Copyrighted material cannot be transferred.

Prices vary depending on the type of media, but Sanders said a VHS transfer is about $24.95 and slides or negatives are about 40 cents each. For more information, contact the Leavenworth Blockbuster at (913) 651-7360 or visit

"Being a franchise, we have to find every revenue stream possible," Sanders said. "This seemed to like a good fit for us. From what I've seen, not a lot of places do this."


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